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Rinkt DocBot – Elevate Your Document Management with Ai

Our best robotic process automation software simplifies document management with its AI-powered extraction and pattern recognition capabilities. It can handle high volumes of documents, invoices, and CVs, reducing manual data entry and increasing accuracy.

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Extract Key Data

DocBot extracts all sorts of information from your documents or pictures and only requires 5 samples for training.

Identify Patterns

Using smart document classification, DocBot can be trained to automatically identify new documents that match existing models.

Employ Advanced OCR

DocBot uses the most accurate OCR capable of recognising hand writing from both pictures and scans.

Rinkt DocBot has been Engineered for

Faster, Ai-powered, and organised document processing

Reduced document analysis time

Rinkt DocBot uses the best robotic process automation software that makes it easy to extract valuable information from complex documents. Whether it’s insurance claims, mortgages, healthcare claims, contracts, or legal contracts, our AI-powered solution can handle it all.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Revolutionize your document processing with Rinkt DocBot. Our best robotic process automation software can read and understand documents in just a few seconds, significantly faster than manual processing by humans.

Reduced operational Errors

Manual document processing is often time-consuming, prone to errors, and costly. One of the robotic process automation benefits is that it eliminate the need for manual data input and reduces the potential for errors by almost 100%.



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