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“Shrink” your repetitive processes by automating them and allocating precious resources to tasks that need them most.

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Rinkt Intelligent Process Automation Benefits


Reduces COSTS

Better manage your financial resources by allocating them to where they are needed most. Rinkt provides the following cost-saving benefits:

Decreased Paper Use, and Waste
Lowered Automation Costs
Decreased Variability in Output
Improved Internal Services


Creates TIME

Time is the most valuable resource, and managing it results in efficient organisations. Robotic Process Automation enables intelligent time creation and saving by:

Giving Employees More Time
Improving SLA Analytics
Improving and Simplifying Processes
Increasing Analytical Knowledge


Increases RESULTS

What do efficient organisations achieve with better resource allocation? Profitable Efficiency! RPA energises your results by:

Decreasing the Number of Errors
Improving Customer Service
Decreasing Customer Pain Points
Increasing Analysis and Core Domains

Intelligent Process Automation Enables Efficient Performance. Learn how Rinkt can help your Organization Succeed

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Engineered for all Businesses

Rinkt Studio

Build automation processes visually by using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. 

Enable everyone to build and automate workflows with little-to-no programming skills to automate repetitive tasks.

Rinkt Portal

Execute the flows created with the Rinkt Studio from anywhere and on any device. 

Schedule new and existing flows and check the status of workflows in operation.

Rinkt DocBot

Read, extract, and manipulate information from documents faster, easier, and better.

Forget about manual processing, analysing, extracting, entering, and storing.

Automation Solutions For Industries

Where We Put Our Robots To Work

Finance & Banking

Things keep getting more and more regulated and complex in finance. Utilise RPA for the Finance and Banking Industry to save time and money by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.


The insurance industry is no stranger to a plethora of tasks that need to get done on a daily basis. Our RPA Solutions for the Insurance Industry can automate them while also reducing the margin of error to zero.


The devil stays in the details in retail. Get faster and more competitive with RPA Software for the Retail Industry to support in stock and goods handling, invoice management, and email automation.


Lots of contracts, processes, and invoices form the backbone of every construction business. Create, manage, and track them easier and better with our RPA Software for the Constructions Industry and robots that never tire.

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You name it, we (sh) rink it through our proprietary solution.

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