Rinkt RPA

The process automation platform for anyone, everywhere

Improve your Business

Set yourself free. Offload your tasks to robots.


Improved quality

Rinkt robots increase compliance and consistency with standardized processes. All RPA steps are recorded for historical auditability.

Significant process improvements

You can get more done in less time and add/change processes as needed. Eliminate human errors to improve customer satisfaction.

Save time and effort

Rinkt reduces operating costs and increases throughput. 

Increased productivity

With robots handling tasks you will minimize manual, error-prone processes and expand virtual workforce quickly and easily.

Straightforward Automation

Automate and manage even the most complicated front and back office tasks on any application.

Redeployment of resources

By automating tasks, your teams can offload tasks to robots so they can focus to work on projects with better returns.

Robots in action

Rinkt Studio

Build automation processes visually by dragging and dropping the activities. Enable everyone to build securely any workflow with low-programming, no-programming skills to automate repetitive tasks using RPA.

Rinkt Portal

Execute the flows created with the Rinkt Studio, from anywhere and on any device. Schedule the flows and check the status of the run workflows.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

Rinkt RPA Finance and Banking

Finance & Banking

Rinkt RPA Healthcare


Rinkt RPA Retails anManufacturing

Retail & Manufacturing

Rinkt RPA Insurance


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Rinkt Robotic Process Automation

Welcome to RPA

RPA puts your people first. Your people are your greatest asset. They are the creatives, the idea generators, the relationship builders. They are the problem solvers, the revenue generators, the people that get things done. They are the DNA of what makes your enterprise.

RPA empowers your people to excel at what they do best, and then let the robots do the rest, the more mundane, the more routine.


Rinkt Studio Manual

How to use Rinkt RPA

From the easiest way of using the application to the more complex, you can find everything you need inside the documentation book to start your journey into RPA.

Build any use-case with low-code, no-code experience to automate repetitive tasks and redeploy valuable resources to focus on projects with higher returns.

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