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Rinkt Studio

Replicate any human action

Free up the workforce of your organization and continue to drive innovation.



Rinkt Platform provides security through authentication, encryption, and credentials.


User Friendly

Easy to use by drag-and-drop workflow configuration: low developer knowledge needed.


High Speed Execution

With debugging support to pause the execution, check the state of the variables or parameters and step through activities.

Smart Tools

Desktop and web recording. With Rinkt studio, we can record all the repetitive activities or only specific actions. Supports automation projects of any size.

Build automation workflows easily with Drag&Drop

Drag&Drop activities from activities toolbar

Record your workflows to avoid the manual process

Build custom actvities to perform specific actions

Increase productivity by integrating with any third party application without an API

Integration with Office 365, Gmail,  or any database

Code integration with VB.NET or PowerShell

Execute any type of robot

Accelerate numerous business processes and exclude time consuming manual work. Whatever proccess you want to automate, we’ve got a complete RPA solution for your business. Using Attended or Unattended robots, or maybe a combination of both, you can fully automate any business process.


Focus on creativity and leave the repetitive, boring tasks to the robots. With attended mode, you just have to run the job and provide feedback to any input dialog or prompts like confirming a transaction or adjusting a value in an input dialog.


Empower the robot to handle all the meticulous, high volume jobs at any time and on any server. With unattended mode, you can schedule or run fully automated jobs that don’t require any input on any server without an user interface. 

Generating New Ideas

Solving Big Problems

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