RPA solutions for the

Retail industry

Devil is in the details of retail. Robotic process automation in retail equips you with the most powerful RPA bots in the market for speedy stock handling, invoicing, and transaction management.

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Solutions to Revolutionize the Future of Retail

Invoice processing, recruiting, and tax preparation are all mundane and repetitive tasks that all businesses in retail deem a chore, making them perfect use cases of RPA in retail. Besides reducing headcount, robotic process automation in retail increases efficiency and accuracy.

automated Invoice processing

RPA in retail sector enables you to automate extracting all necessary data from incoming invoices and logging them into your ERP system while also sending a confirmation email to your vendors, informing them that their invoices are being processed while detailing any missing information.

Automated Recruiting

The robots offered by robotic process automation in retail can be configured to automatically scan LinkedIn, Indeed, and other similar hiring platforms for candidates that match your specific education, certifications, or experience requirements to create a list of the most suitable candidates.

Automated Tax Preparation

Through RPA in retail, your staff accounts and outsourced teams can now have quick and easy access to the data they need to file taxes. Our robots can pull in all tax-related data from documents and other resources, saving you countless hours and effort.

Businesses in Retail Can Expect

Tremendous Efficiency By Using Rinkt Robots

Better Client Communication

Leave all the exhaustive tasks of data extraction and data logging to robotic process automation in retail.

Increase RPA in retail industry communication with confirmation emails that detail important invoice elements and highlight missing information.

Better Hiring for Company Growth

Leave the hunt for the best talent to our robots specifically designed for recruitment automation.

The bot offered by the robotic process automation in retail will scan all the best recruitment platforms for the experience, skills, and education that define your ideal candidates.

Better Information Management

Leave tedious tax data extraction to our robots and save countless hours in the process.

Automate file scanning for tax-related data and log it into reports to provide speedy access to your accountants for prompt tax filings.

Enabling Profitable Efficiency With Automation

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