Efficient Automation Management with the Rinkt Portal

Experience the convenience of automation at your fingertips with Rinkt Portal. Schedule, deploy, and track your robots on any device with ease. Try it for free today.

Transform your work with Rinkt - forever

Rinkt Portal - Securely Manage your Automation Robots

Easy-to-use interface

Access all your workflows from one place using an intuitive user interface. Complete all your repetitive tasks faster to create more time for creative endeavours.

Manage your robots within minutes

With the Rinkt Portal, scheduling a workflow to run on your robots is only a few clicks away with the help of our advanced Quartz Cron interface.

Monitor, manage, and update robots from anywhere

Rinkt Portal will allows you to easily download and install your robots, check running jobs on them, update them, check their statuses, and get access to their work logs.

For Us And For Your Business​,

Rinkt Portal Is Unique

Smart web flows

Rinkt Portal enables quick and easy web flow creation. This helps organizations share these workflows, build extensions for them, and use them to enhance collaboration within teams.

3x faster automations

On average, it can take anywhere from one to several days to create a workflow. Rinkt Portal allows efficient workflow creation in as little as a few hours.

Made For SMEs

We made Rinkt Portal by focusing on the needs of small and medium businesses, the classical non-RPA customers that have yet to fully benefit from automation.

Rinkt Portal is unique, both for us and for your business

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Smart web flows

Rinkt Portal/ web flow makes sharing, building extensions and collaboration a breeze

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3x faster automations than the competition

We build workflows in just a few hours, not days like the competition

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Made for SME

We made Rinkt Portal focusing on the needs of small and medium businesses, the classical non RPA customers, neglected until now

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