Rinkt RPA Products For Your Business​

We deliver wide-enterprise automation benefits enabling: design automation with no code by recording the actions or dragging & dropping the activities while managing, monitoring and having control you robots from one place.

Rinkt Portal

Fuel Your Business

Fuel Your Business With Rinkt Portal Execute the flows created with the Rinkt Studio, from anywhere and on any device. Schedule the flows and check the status of the run workflows.

Rinkt Studio

Build automation processes visually

Build automation processes visually by dragging and dropping the activities. Enable everyone to build securely any workflow with low-programming, no-programming skills to automate repetitive tasks using RPA.

Rinkt DocBot

Next level in document management

Next level in document management AI for documents looks to be already here with Rinkt DocBot. Rapid document extraction and pattern recognition, even with OCR capabilities for hand writing. Wanna try?

For Your Business!

Rinkt RPA products Benefits

Unmatched, human-like computer vision

Web flows, easy to update from anywhere

Running on Windows OS with macOS

And Linux support coming soon.

Repeatable and re-usable activities

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