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Rinkt Portal

Rinkt Portal

Portal is the core part of the automation. It allows you to schedule, deploy, start, monitor, measure or track any robot on any desktop or mobile browser.

Easy-to-use interface


Access all your workflows from one place with an intuitive user interface. Complete all your repetitive tasks faster and focus on creativity.

Keep track of all the run jobs with a full audit log

Manage your robots within minutes

Schedule your automation workflows with an easy-to-use interface.
With Rinkt Portal, scheduling a workflow to run on a/any robot is at the distance of a few clicks using an advanced Quartz Cron interface.

Monitor, manage and update the robots from anywhere.

With Rinkt Portal you can:

  • check the running jobs on a robot
  • update a robot
  • check the status of a robot
  • download and install a robot

Manage your software robots securely in just a few seconds.