How unproductive and boring can it be to have to manually search and extract reviews from websites or platforms, based on a specific criteria. 

With RPA is as easy as clicking a few buttons and your endless hours of work will be reduced to a few seconds robot work.

As there are companies which are manually doing this task every day for amazon, we’ve created an workflow as a demo to showcase the effectiveness of RPA. 

Every day, some employees need to go on amazon, extract all the negative reviews for some products and try to contact the corresponding customers.

The workflow starts by displaying an input dialog where you can specify the URL for the amazon product, clicks on the 1 star button for that product and then using “List Enumerator” activity it goes on every review and copies its content to a data table.

Once all the reviews are extracted, we write them to csv file and display the results in a DataTable editor dialog when you can review and update the data.

Below is the recording with the Rinkt Studio in action.

The above project can be downloaded from here