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What’s Included

Free Studio, Robot and Portal

Build as many workflows as you like, schedule, publish, monitor, distribute the load on an unlimited number of robots and control all of them through the portal.

The first use case is on us

We can build one workflow for free based on your use case, but you are free to build as many as you want.

No limits on the number of Robots

You can spin as many robots as you want attended or unattended.

Document understanding

Invoice, Receipts or any other forms

With Rinkt you can extract data from structured or unstructured forms like invoices, receipts or any other custom forms using Azure Form Recognizer.

Computer vision

Object Detection

Enpower your cctv with object detection or take advantage of your motion detection on your camera and scan only the reported images by email using Gmail activities.


Tesseract or Google Cloud

Extract text from any pdf or image file using either the free Tesseract implementation or Google cloud for improved performance.

Activities recording

Desktop and Web

Record your workflow desktop or web actions or just drag them from the toolbox and record the desktop or web element on which the action will be performed.

Multiple browsers supported

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera

Run your web actions on your preferred browser attended or unattended.

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