RPA solutions for the

Construction Industry

Lots of contracts, processes and invoices are behind every construction business. Let the robots handle the paperwork while you focus on delivering on-site expertise.

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Solutions to Revolutionize the Future of Construction

Because it’s about the process rather than the task itself, RPA can be used in virtually any department within a business. The more often the process is performed and more routine the task is, the bigger the cost and time savings. Following are some of the ways that the construction industry could make use of RPA.

Cost monitoring

Leave it to the robots to generate cost estimation reports, data collection, budgeting, and generating time-constrained real-time analysis.

Efficient Automation

The mundane, repetitive nature of collecting documents and information, filing contracts, and setting up payments makes them perfect for automation.

Estimate generation

Once basic information from a customer has been collected, RPA can use that data to generate a preliminary quote for potential work.

Businesses in Construction can Expect

Tremendous Efficiency By Using Rinkt Robots

Better Financial Management

The robot will generate cost-to-estimate reports by pulling in data from contractors and suppliers, importing it into the project budget and generating real-time analytics into regular weekly, daily or on-demand reports.

Organized Document Control

Our robots will collect documents and information, fill contracts, and setup payments. The complexity of processes in the construction industry can be simplified by putting robots in charge of collecting and organizing data from multiple documents.

Efficient & Accurate Estimations

Cost estimation in construction project management is a multi-faceted activity. Benefiting from automation at work will enable better evaluation of construction costs by eliminating potential risks from unanticipated conditions, requirements or changes in orders.

Enabling Profitable Efficiency With Automation

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