Archiving Documents with Rinkt RPA

Archiving Documents with Rinkt RPA

Organisations deal with tons of data that must be archived for business purposes or compliance with legal requirements. Archiving requires a full-time commitment from two of your employees.  Due to the time and costs needed, businesses are left with no option but to use off-site archiving services. 

At the archiving site, two employees spend endless time storing, verifying, and logging data prior to sending it for storage. Not to mention that the process of manually registering just one document can take up to 3 minutes. In addition to being tedious, the process is also prone to error. 

Hence, you can imagine how long it would take for all the data that needs to be archived. That’s where Rinkt RPA comes in. Our dedicated archiving solution uses automated bots that help speed up the archiving process.

How does Rinkt RPA work? 

Archiving documents with Rinkt is as simple as archiving can get, and you won’t even need two employees. You’ll just need one! Rinkt RPA solution reduces the time required to process a document from 3 minutes to a maximum of 20 seconds. Beginning to see how much time you can save?

It allows you to use voice commands for registering records. The employee doing the archiving will just have to read the document to the Rinkt RPA, and it’ll take care of the rest. The Rinkt RPA will record all the details and submit them to a dedicated archiving system for automatic storage when instructed by the user. 

That’s not all! If you’re using Rinkt RPA, you won’t need to worry about a halt in operations because the internet is down. Our archiving solution can even work offline, save the data locally, and send it to the archiving system when the internet’s back up and running. 

Final Thoughts 

Most organisations have difficulty archiving documents simply because there are just too many of them. Taking a manual approach to the process is often time-consuming and can lead to the average human error here or there. 

However, using RPA solutions can reduce both the costs and time required for archiving and increase efficiency as well. Get in touch with us now and learn more about how Rinkt can help you achieve better!